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  • Shield Restraint Systems Replace Data Collection System with Eagle

    Posted: December 5th, 2017


    With just 3 days of on site effort, Shield Restraint Systems completely replace legacy system with Eagle / Inventory accuracy at all time high:

    With its headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana, Shield Restraint Systems (www.trustshield.com) is an industry leader in safety and securement products. Shield operates engineering, testing and manufacturing facilities around the globe and is committed to providing practical, affordable innovations, backed by rigorous production controls, to customers worldwide.

    In 2016, Shield embarked on a project to upgrade its QAD system to EE and replace the existing data collection system, which was only in partial use at in Elkhart and not operative at all at its Asia Pacific headquarters in Kunshan, China. After receiving a demo from Eagle in 2016, Shield management chose Eagle as the system of choice, and went live with the system in December 2016.

    Jim Schroff, Business Analyst at Shield, knew that implementing the Eagle system would be the perfect solution for Shield.  “After researching available options, we could see that Eagle was best suited for us because of the out-of-the-box functionality, quick implementation and ease of customization that would meet our business demands. Programs could quickly be changed to meet different business logic and implemented almost immediately.  The Eagle system is also available in different languages, so there is no need for continuous back and forth email exchanges to translate every program individually. We were also looking for something that would help with Shop Floor Reporting and that was already one of the applications available from Eagle”.


    Shield has already seen great benefits from the Eagle implementation.  Using the Eagle cycle count function, for the first time ever, Shield did not have to undertake a physical inventory, which delighted Jim Schroff. “Our cycle counting improved, material handling/picking improved, work order receipts and purchase order receipts all improved.

    In addition, Shield quickly achieved the desired ROI. With Eagle, the benefits started to pay for themselves immediately.  Inventory accuracy is at an all-time high; we are processing work orders quicker and receiving items more quickly since the implementation.

    Jim McNeilly, Eagle Senior Project ManagerWithin three days of on-site effort, Eagle was able to completely replace Shield’s legacy data collection system with standard, RF Express functionality.  All existing RF hardware and printers were protected.  Over the last year, we have continued to work closely with Jim to implement additional standard Eagle transactions and functionality at Shield Restraint Systems in Indiana, China and the UK.” 

    Please find the full case study here