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  • Multi User Functions

    Posted: March 7th, 2018

    Multi User Functions

    As part of Eagle’s continued investment into RF Express, we are pleased to announce the release of new functionality to support multiple user functions.  This functionality helps ensure error free data collection where there are multiple users simultaneously performing transactions on the same Sales Orders or Purchase Orders.  Enabling multiple users to simultaneously pick the same Sales Order or receive against the same Purchase Order significantly increases large order processing efficiency.

    Multi User Sales Order Pick:

    It can be important to organizations to implement picking rules that help ensure stock doesn’t go negative or that over picking doesn’t occur.  When there are multiple users carrying out the same tasks this can make managing this within the system difficult.  Eagle has developed new functionality using reactive style programming techniques to manage this process.

    Multi User Sales Order Pick (MPK) features include but are not limited to;
    1. Sales Order Line selection scroll sorted by lines currently not being picked first.
    2. Location Detail selection scroll sorted by inventory not being picked and by FIFO and expire date.
    3. Visibility to who is picking which lines and what location detail records.
    4. Location Detail selection scroll and data entry does not display or allow picking of unavailable or restricted inventory.
    5. Soft Sales Order Line and Inventory Reservation lockout by user with automatic time out on soft reservations of Sales Order Lines and Inventory Detail.
    6. Allows for Picking Palletised /License Plated or non-Palletised/License Plated material.
    7. Option to generate a Pallet/License Plate and print a corresponding label.
    8. Option to print a shipping label.
    10. Post Pick Packing List Print Generation.
    11. Warning if multiple pickers are picking the same Sales Order Line or inventory detail.
    12. Smart Semaphore Locking, Transaction Update Timeout, Transaction rollout.
    13. Record and user locking resolution.

    Multi User PO Receipts:

    Eagle recently enhanced the widely used Purchase Order Receipt (POR) transaction to support multiple users in the same Purchase Order.  This functionality allows customers who receive PO’s with a large number of items to deploy multiple users at the same time to receive the PO.

    In addition, new real time messages (such as warnings or errors) have been added so that user can make accurate decisions based on what concurrent receivers are executing on other mobile devices BEFORE posting to your QAD database.

    Eagle’s fully integrated User Experience and business logic allows for complex transactional entry looping, pre-editing, editing, and database reporting.  Eagle’s Progress-based, true real-time data validation and label technology is maintained for multiple users simultaneously.  The PO Receipt (POR) multi-user capability joins the Load Truck (LTR), Distribution Order Ship (DOS) and Detail Allocation Sales Order Picking (DAP) multi-user transactions that have been standard for many years.  Customers use this multi-user capability on the receiving and shipping docks to drive efficiency while maintaining accurate reporting to the QAD database.