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  • Eagle charIOT – New functionality available to automate Eagle transactions

    Posted: October 9th, 2017

    Eagle Consulting & Development – Monday 9th October 2017

    charIOT_dashboard (002)
    Previous communications from Eagle have included details of the first stage of our IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) strategy – CTP the continuous transaction processor.  Building on the work of the past two years Eagle is pleased to announce further extensions delivering a framework that will allow manufacturers to use new technologies to make operating decisions automatically, without human interaction.  The solutions have an objective to allow a more creative, more connected business for manufacturers, providing location awareness, greater traceability and optimized productivity.

    Eagle is pleased to announce the release of our latest IIoT product – charIOT.  Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), charIOT allows manufacturers to send messages from machines that automate Eagle transactions including, but in no way limited to,  BKN (Kanban Backflush), PMV(Pallet Move), and CMV (Container Move), without human input.  The solution is flexible so that many other transactions can also be automated.  Messages can be sent via machine to charIOT which then processes the data and sends onto Eagle.  The solution includes a management dashboard so that messages (success and fails) can be monitored by shop floor managers and action taken when appropriate. Management can monitor key data ‘by machine’, or message type, so that trends can be analysed and anomalies investigated.

    This is a subscription based solution that provides a rapid return on investment for customers looking to automate key shop floor processes.  Please contact us directly for more information about how this solution can benefit your organisation.

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